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A brief description of the popular scams that newbie traders fall into.
The British company Access Capital Markets tells us about the most common fraud schemes, and according to Access Capital Markets scam can be prevented. To do this, even a novice trader needs to understand how to see an ordinary scam behind colorful promises.
We chose a company that has been operating in the European market for almost twenty years. The main office of this broker is located in London, in the business City, in one of the skyscrapers, almost entirely given over to the offices of brokerage and insurance companies.

Experience in trading, as well as a large number of what is called User Success (experience of successful work with clients, of which the company has about 10 thousand) allow experts to rely on their own conclusions about the modern foreign exchange market and its trends. Alas, the rise in scam is one of them.
According to experts at Access Capital Markets scam focuses primarily on novice traders. After all, many come to Forex with a dream of quick earnings. However, the market is a place of fierce competition and successful strategies that still need to be built.
Traders with average experience who have worked with one or two companies and are looking for faster ways to generate income were also in the field of scammers.
In both cases, the deception is based on well-thought-out advertising and theft of funds from foreign exchange investors. Let's figure it out.

Access Capital Markets scam preventing advices 

Newbies getting scammed for two reasons:
Does not understand what information the broker should provide them before starting cooperation with him and transferring money;
They want to get rich quickly and are ready to pay for unrealistic strategies for making money on currency fluctuations.
In the first case, you need to clearly understand that an honest company will provide all information about itself. First of all, the legal address:

 Access Capital Markets scam, scam
The broker must give all the opportunities for timely contact with him (just e-mail is clearly not enough to keep in touch with both managers and support service).

To start cooperation, you need to register, and to access global trading, you need to verify your identity. This is required by international law, and an honest broker must comply with such standards.

All details on the rights and obligations of the "broker-client" parties must be set out on the company's website so that the investor can get acquainted with them before signing the contract. In addition, it is important to be able to discuss any point of the user agreement or other document with your manager.

The second weak point for beginners is ambition and the desire to earn as much as possible and as quickly as possible. In the foreign exchange market, such cases are surprising coincidences that inspire many, but in reality they rarely happen. Most traders at first often lose investments partially or even completely, but gradually they learn to build their strategies, take an example from more experienced players and follow the recommendations of professional brokers.
The broker who immediately promises large profits for small investments is definitely misleading his clients. This does not mean that the company is precisely fraudulent, but it does not mean a fair and honest approach to cooperation.
Therefore, you should not trust colorful advertising campaigns, but it is worth checking the broker before you deposit money.

According to Access Capital Markets scam can also deceive an experienced trader

What do those who have been trading for several days come across, and how to discern the fraud described by As a rule, the reason is simple - you want to make more money better and there is no experience of cooperation with more than one company.
Two points at which experienced traders fall into the network of scammers:


As mentioned above, a conscientious broker will not promise "big wins", but will recommend the trader at first moderate investments and actions. Such a broker will not rule out a possible failure and some losses at first (and not only at first, the market is the market). Thus, some traders may get a little frustrated over time and want to find a more “inspiring” middleman. This is where danger can await them: we remind you that beautiful ads rarely turn out to be completely truthful. Instead of a "more efficient broker", you can get to the fake office.
Finally, some false brokers try to trade in "successful Forex earning strategies." Indeed, any intermediary takes money for their recommendations and they, one way or another, should generate income for clients. However, if the “broker” deals exclusively with the sale of strategies and takes money in advance for this (without even providing a platform for trading), then this is clearly a fraud.
Please note that on a site like, scam is simply impossible: above we have posted copies of all the data provided to customers, and in the "Platform" section you can easily find a link to install the terminal on your personal computer, access to the web platform or a code to download the mobile application. Thus, the client of the company can always get into his office, track transactions and stay in touch with the broker around the clock.

Conclusions: any trader who seeks, first of all, to earn a lot at once, can become a victim of scammers. However, success awaits those who learn to understand the specifics of the market and follow the recommendations of honest professionals.

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