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Much often depends on how quickly the broker reacts to clients' requests - profit, the ability to conclude a deal, access to accounts and instruments. Poor quality service, respectively, can cause waste of money and time. On the Internet, you can find many complaints about certain companies that provide poor service, but it is extremely rare that all these reviews are summarized in reviews of the service of a particular broker. In our publications, we strive to give an adequate assessment of the work of financial companies. In this review, let's talk about Access Capital Markets from the UK - a broker with 20 years of experience. Do clients like working with this company? We searched for the answer to this question on the Internet upon request - Access Capital Markets reviews. We also reviewed several profile groups on social networks, trying to collect different responses.

Access Capital Markets review on the quality of communications with the company

Broker is the first advisor in financial investments. Whether the problem will be resolved in time and with benefit for the trader depends on the methods and quality of communication with him, on the speed of reaction. Most brokers indicate only an email address for communication on the site. In our opinion (and in the opinion of many clients) this is not enough.
Access Capital Markets has company details and several communication methods on the official website - each has its own purpose and advantages.
To contact this broker, you need:

There is also the usual way of mailing - to send a paper letter to the address of the company's office in the Broadgate Tower in the City, London. This method of communication is relevant when resolving controversial issues, when, for some reason, it is required to conduct actual correspondence (for example, in case of legal misunderstandings).

The company have all the communication methods available and actively respond by each of them

Eddie Sherwood, 34, Oxford (UK), entrepreneur:
“Yesterday I called Access Capital Markets for the first time. I saw in the feed that it was difficult for someone to contact the company the first time, but I succeeded. However, I did not call at the time of the session. Probably, the difficulties with dialing are connected with the heavy workload of managers. I called in the morning after the night session when I got access to the web platform. It turned out the problem was in my antivirus. The phone was answered immediately, the issue was resolved within 10 minutes. "
Most of the reviews related to the quality of communication with the company are positive. The fast response of the technical support service, active managers and responsive operators is noted.
You need to understand that communication often has to be done in English (especially over the phone).

Advice on tariff plans and verification from Access Capital Markets: reviews, pros and cons

All information about cooperation with the company can be found on the website
Six types of tariff plans are presented in the "Types of accounts" section. There are packages for newbies and premium investors here. Trading with leverage is available for five accounts, and all six tariff plans provide for the use of both fixed and floating spreads. VIP tariffs make it possible to work not only with an account manager, but also with a personal analyst. Daily market signals are sent to all clients in a mailing list.

All legal issues of cooperation are set out in the company's documentation, which is exposed to the public in the "Documents" section. It contains information about the rights and obligations of the client and the broker, describes the conditions for maintaining confidentiality, describes the risks in majority trading

Please also note that the company supports anti-fraudulent laws and therefore will require, in addition to registration to verify their identity. You can check the verification conditions with your account manager. But a typical procedure requires the provision of an electronic copy of a passport, a document confirming residence at a specific address (a utility bill is suitable), a photo.

Stephen Nesbit, 40, Birmingham (England), clothing store owner:
“Verification took me almost 5 days. This is the standard processing time, the company told me. Access Capital Markets has ratified the Know Your Customer Act and is required to screen all customers. In the future, I did not have any problems in cooperation with this company. We've been trading together for two years and five months. ”
Most of the reviews about the quality of consulting on the terms of work with the company and tariff plans confirm: managers respond quickly, controversial issues are resolved with maximum loyalty to customers.

Conclusions: the reviews leave the most positive impression on cooperation with the managers and technical service of Access Capital Markets. The company has a well-deserved reputation and service.

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