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New companies come to the market every month, and most of them disappear twice as quickly. Is it worth working with a new British broker on the market? Let’s find out what reviews have to say about it.

Some trader opinions about Charing Cross Group appeared in the discussion groups of new brokerage platforms more than six months ago. At that time, the company was just beginning to develop the market of EU. Even while the employees of the company have more than ten years of experience, company in its current status started to operate on market not so much time ago. We decided to check if scam or not.

The company differs from scam services by several main points:

Real working conditions. That is, no one persuades to carry as much money as possible in order to increase investments by 300% in the first month. Unrealistic promises are given by unrealistic fraudsters. Instead, UK-based Charing Cross Group offers the same terms and conditions as many other resellers.

•    No massive ads campaign. Do you come across banners from Charing Cross Group scam with offers to get rich at every step? We did not, and we checked: no massive campaigns were launched ever since the company started working. It care more about reputation, than about the number of clients, and that’s the right strategy. But scammers usually spend a lot on advertising, since they rely on those who don’t have any experience in trading and can be easily tricked.
•    Registration. Whatever one may say, the headquarters in the business center in London is much better than a bungalow on the islands. In addition, registration in the UK also implies compliance with the requirements of the harsh English laws.

Finally, the main problem with scammers (and in fact, the main goal of their activity) is the multiple delays of payments of the money earned by investors. Charing Cross Group reviews describe only good points of withdrawal process: they pay, the delays are minimal and even if they appear, company does its best to process them as soon as possible.

Detailed reviews.

Place of registration of the company: London, Bishopsgate. We checked - this is the address of a typical London business center, where brokers, insurance and bankers, as well as real estate dealers work daily.
Number of clients: a beautiful figure of 10 thousand, most of them are from EU countries.

Types of assets: currencies (a broker with extensive experience in Forex), cryptocurrencies (not only bitcoins, but also altcoins), raw materials, stocks, stock indices, CFDs.
Most of clients clearly prefer currency trading, as this is a narrower specialization of the company, as it becomes obvious even from the information on the website (the major part of information is about Forex).
The company offers leverage up to 1: 100, but warns about the risks and in its RISK DISCLOSURE forms the basic principles of trading, explains the reasons for a margin calls etc. (the text can be downloaded as a pdf file).
Documents: the company's documents are available on the site. We’ve found user agreement, privacy policy, order opening policy, risk notice and much more. Another reason not to call scam – fraudsters rarely post their documents.

Withdrawal of money. The broker cooperates with several payment systems. Deposit and withdrawal methods:
Bank transfers (Visa, MasterCard);
Payment solutions (Scrill, Neteller);
Web wallets.

Creating account. You can register in a minute by filling out a simple form (indicate your real country of residence, real phone number and date of birth).

Verification. Charing Cross Group scam avoiding procedure does not allow scammers to register and deal through the platform. Anti-money laundering protocol has been introduced through the verification of each client. To pass it, you will need screenshots of documents (receipts from a bank, passport), a client's photo (on request) and other certificates. Detailed information can be found on the KYC support page of the site. That’s why on scam individuals and companies can’t perform their usual behavior – too much of a risk of being caught.

Charing Cross Group reviews. Trader opinions are mostly positive. They mention high-quality service, timely withdrawal of money, a well-developed terminal. We also found a few complains about the support work schedule (weekdays only).
Trading conditions and account types - reviews

Trading features of the platform: small spreads, low entry amount, good leverage, insurance of transactions, analytical support and trading signals.

There are five types of investment portfolios prepared in advance by the company, which coincide in the following positions:

Additional services

Webinars. The broker offers an online training course (it is mentioned in each tariff), which includes online seminars, sessions with analysts, lectures and other educational materials that will help trader to understand the market better and build his or her own strategy. That’s why Charing Cross Group scam -free environment is usually mentioned as friendly for newcomers, and that’s what differs the company from fraudsters - as you know, they donot imply training or any high-quality consulting.
The calendar. An economic forecast based on the calendar of events and the basic market assumptions is available for everyone. To find out the details of the forecast for a region, you need to select a specific country and filter category. Such a calendar will help you to better navigate the market situation, relying on the factors that shape it.

Application. For iOS and Android mobile devices, applications with a web terminal are provided. It is convenient to trade anywhere with the Internet access.

A new broker has entered the market, which has not yet darkened its reputation in any way. The company is no stranger to stock trading as it has worked with European clients for many years. Traders' reviews most often positively characterize trading with this broker.
The company's advantages include withdrawal methods, good support, online training and favorable trading conditions.


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