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Will Hong Kong cool down? Grand Union Markets Reviews

The global economy is in a state of stagnation, and Grand union markets broker claims that the risks that can create a “domino effect” are multiplated each year. Forecasts of global economic development for 2019, according to the World Monetary Fund, fell back to 3 percent in October. It’s the lowest indicators since the crisis of 2008. Analysts also had to lower the forecast for this year to 3.4%. The change appeared mainly due to the fact that the economic wars of China and the United States greatly reduced their growth rates. However, last year the global financial system experienced new risks that could cause completely different scenarios this year.


Will Hong Kong cool down?


First of all, the Grand Union markets review highlights the situation in Hong Kong, where the overheated real estate market is closely linked to monetary legislation. Hong Kong boasts some of the highest real estate prices worldwide. Housing is very poorly accessible for residents of Hong Kong both for rent and for purchase, and, according to experts, this is one of the most serious problems of the government. A large number of purchases from China also added heat to the overheating market.


Grand union markets forex also notes that you can buy an apartment in the city center at a price of $28.5 thousand (on average) per square meter, while real estate prices in the center of Tokyo are about $16 thousand dollars. At the same time, do not forget that Hong Kong has a very strong integration between the real estate market and the financial system. Because of this, Hong Kong has very high risks of market correction, and if we recall how closely it is associated with the global economy, this correction can have the most unpleasant consequences for the whole world.


The decline in real estate trading can happen due to several reasons, including extremely tense trade relations between China and the States, as well as Hong Kong protests. It is important to remember that Hong Kong is very dependent on both of these countries economically and financially, and still retains a special status when it comes to US trade (China does not have this status). Grand union markets scam analysts believe that this law will be very difficult to maintain in a situation when protest movement continues.


The possible loss of a special trading status will have a profound effect on the Hong Kong economy, and the pegging of its currency to the US dollar will hit hard, as many experts have long predicted. So far, their predictions have not come true: the Hong Kong dollar, on the contrary, has somewhat strengthened over the year. Most likely, this dynamics was provoked by the fact that the trade wars of China and the United States are gradually cooling down and the fact that Hong Kong banks need cash so that they can comply with regulatory standards. Hong Kong is maintaining the current rate so far, so, as the Grand union markets broker review notes, the future of the city’s banks remains unclear.


Challenges to China's Public Corporations


In mainland China everything is far from normal, too: several companies at once have experienced some real financial difficulties.


The state-owned Tewoo Group recently received a $38 billion default on bonds. Over the past two decades, state companies around the world have not yet seen such a large dollar default on bonds, as reported in reviews. According to the Fitch Ratings 2020 report, the main risks in Southeast Asia are concentrated in China. Report indicates automobile sales and the construction of residential buildings, which have been falling for two years, as a main risk factors.


Some experts (including the Grand Union markets broker) believe that the Chinese government is pursuing the right policy that can “gently” remove the construction industry from the danger zone and neutralize overheating in the market. However, China also has big problems with reporting and statistics. Many analysts believe that the defaults of Chinese high-risk borrowers are still not too critical, but delinquencies are growing at a very dangerous pace, and the situation covers many industries, including real estate, metallurgy, healthcare and trade. Things are becoming even more complicated due to the fact that many of these defaults can be rooted in shadow banking, where assets are extremely difficult to evaluate, according to the Grand union markets review.


The difficulties of Chinese companies and ways the state can solve them seem extremely important for the whole world, since China is very closely tied to most of the global economies, and, accordingly, a possible crisis will be global.


Fed has its own mess


The USA has even more difficulties. For the first time in a decade, the Fed had to deal with the injection of liquidity into the interbank market this year. US banks are critically short of liquidity, and, as a result, rates on many instruments rose from 2 to 10 percent. Fifty-three billion dollars, according to Grand Union markets forex estimates, needed to be poured into the Fed's economy in one day to cope with the problem. Most experts, however, take what happened calmly, and believe that nothing terrible has happened on the US liquidity market. They believe that the cause of all that was the random coincidence of disparate factors with no fundamental nature.


However, the Fed’s interventions had not stopped at that point: since September, they continued to use short-term instruments, providing longer loans. Who knows what will happen at the end of the year, when enterprises have to resolve tax difficulties, and what’s the plan for moment when they need money? Grand union markets scam analysts suggest that this will be the strength test for the entire system, and a number of fraud schemes will make a lot of money disappear during this process.


Apple rain


Apple earned twelve billion dollars for itself in the fourth quarter of last year (as of September twenty-eighth), and its total profit increased by four percent compared to last year, up to sixty billion. The total net profit of the company is thirteen and a half billion dollars . However, sales of new iPhones fell significantly, at the moment they do not even reach the figures that the company received in 2015. That’s not what can scare the Apple stockholders: according to Grand union markets broker review, the company spent about seventeen billion dollars on a buy-back for the last fiscal quarter of the year, and almost sixty-nine for the past year. The procedure is expensive, but Apple has enough money for this: at the end of last year, the corporation owned almost 26 billion dollars.


Investors do not lose their conviction that Apple will continue to grow, most likely, due to services (to be more precise, AppleTV+ streaming service, which the company launched last November). At the same time, reviews emphasizes that the bulk of the Apple money comes from the sale of smartphones, and this fact contains the main risk for long-term planning. Investors (including FAANG investors) especially value growth indicators, and growth is now quite problematic for Apple. The user will not log into Appstore unless he buys an iPhone first. Therefore, the company needs to grope for new opportunities for growth. The situation with AppleTV+ is even more foggy, since such a giant as Netflix will directly compete with Apple in this area.


The fight for views


Streaming is the main activity for Netflix.


At the moment, according to Grand union markets broker, the corporation submitted reports only for the 3rd quarter of this year. If you believe the reporting, the company has earned $0.66 billion of profit for the third quarter, and for the previous nine months the numbers appear to be around $1.3 billion. The number of viewers using the Netflix service is growing steadily: in the third quarter of 2011 in the United States alone, they reached twenty and a half million, and since then, according to the Grand union markets review, it has grown almost three times.


However, now Netflix is beginning to feel the competition in the streaming market, and Apple is not the only one, and even more so it’s not the most dangerous one. The multimedia monster Disney recently became interested in streaming services, and Grand union markets forex believe that their entry into the market can be called successful. More than ten million people signed up for the Disney streaming service in a day just after launch. It is difficult to say how Netflix will cope with providing a sharp increase in income (which, we recall, their investors are really looking forward to) in such a tense and competitive environment.


And even this is not all of Netflix's problems, because their streaming service cannot exist without a constant flow of money. For this, the corporation planned to release another package of junk bonds worth $2 billion (the very next day the price rose to $2.2 billion). Grand union markets scam analysts report that this is Netflix’s eighth loan in the debt market over the past five years, counting the latest bond issue. This can only be done in a situation of affordable ultra-low rates, and Netflix can have a lot of problems if the Fed suddenly decides to change its course.


Conditions and prerequisites for growth are all there, but the fact that the free cash flow of the corporation is far in the red zone plays a role too. This may indicate the loss of the main business, however, Netflix is ​​far from a startup, they have ten years of history behind them, so the company will either have to find a way to dramatically increase revenues, or seriously reduce content costs. All those factors combined create the impression among specialists such as Grand union markets broker that Netflix is ​​a kind of “ugly duckling” in a flock of quite successful companies joining the new economy.




The US government is somewhat more favorably inclined towards two other representatives of FAANG - Amazon and Google. The point here, of course, has nothing to do with the degree of security, but measures how much these two corporations dominate in their field.

In September 2019, authorities requested information on advertising revenue and on Google’s revenue mechanism. Actually, search engine market belongs to Google for a long time. The European Commission has already issued a fine of one and a half billion euros at the beginning of 2019 for non-competitive methods of working in the market. The reviews issue and believes that the corporation was actively violating antitrust laws by requiring the installation of the AdSence advertising grid from sites and prohibiting the advertising of competitors.


Amazon is in a similar situation, having seized a good half of the e-commerce market in the United States. Many young Americans are already directly associating online shopping with Amazon. Of course, this state of affairs is a tidbit for the Federal Trade Commission. They’ve launched the investigation in September 2019, with the purpose of clarifying whether the information that Amazon receives about its sellers is a non-competitive advantage.


Of course, such fundamental investigations can drag on for many years, and, accordingly, it makes no sense to wait for quotes to fall in the next couple of years. But the longer this situation drags on, the greater the likelihood that one of these corporations will fall under the blow of anti-monopolists.

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