How to avoid the Forex broker scam? Is Sharefounders scam

How to avoid the Forex broker scam?


If you type in the search engine the phrase «Forex broker Scam», the number of topics is shocking. The foreign exchange market is gradually becoming more and more controlled, but, nevertheless, there are still many informers on it. When you plan to start trading Forex, you should carefully study the recommendations of Sharefounders scam rules, which brokers are safe and responsible, and focus on those that most investors trust.

In order to determine whether the broker is a Scam or not, you will need to clarify 4 main aspects.

1. Fact or fiction.

Most of the accusatory comments on forums that indicate that traders have lost their entire Deposit, or simply there is no profit, do not necessarily indicate distrust of the broker. Therefore, when checking a potential broker, you must be able to separate facts from fiction.

As a rule, based on the experience of Sharefounders about scam, investors cannot determine exactly what specific actions or omissions of the broker caused the loss. Novice traders often immediately rush into the murky waters of the currency market without a proven strategy or trading plan, guided only by their own feelings or intuition. If the trader feels that the market should go one way or the other, there is only a 50% chance that the prediction will turn out to be true.

2. Real problem.

The real problem begins when the connection between the trader and the broker begins to disappear. If the investor does not receive a response to emails sent to the broker, the company does not answer the phone calls or rudely answers the trader's questions, then this is a red light and tells us that the broker does not care about their clients and their welfare.

Any problems that arise it should be decided instantly the broker is obliged to always be helpful and have a good relationship with clients. Another serious problem, according to Sharefounders scam rules, that may arise is the problem with the investor's cash flow. A good broker always offers several options for depositing and withdrawing earned funds. There are never any delays, as there is always enough money for payments.

And finally, you need to be very careful and carefully choose a broker for investment, follow our advice. If you are interested in an example of a reliable broker, then you can confidently contact Sharefounders. Qualified specialists will help you develop an investment strategy according to your request.

1. The company that owns the brokerage organization is registered in the offshore zone. Therefore, the level of its responsibility is initially minimal. In addition, this fact indicates that it is impossible to resolve disputes in an official way. This is unacceptable when it comes to real money.

2. We are not provided with any registration or authorization documents for review. There are suspicions that the information presented on the site is not true.

3. A wide range of trading tools, a functional modern platform, guarantees of safety of funds, online access to Forex and international exchange platforms.


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