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Economic crisis 2020: what is happening in the market and how to protect a business

News about coronavirus infection is feverish not only by TV channels and social networks, but they also affect the financial markets around the world. Stock exchanges in the US, Europe, and Asia are experiencing massive falls. Of course, this collapse does not exclude the possibility of making money on a Navagates broker; it can even increase your chances. But to trade with maximum efficiency, it is worth understanding the situation in the world.

What is going on in the market?

If you read the information on the Navagates review, you know that using the Metatrader4 platform tools can help to predict currency correlations accurately. This is true in normal circumstances. But the collapse of the indices on the New York Stock Exchange, which occurred on March 12, was difficult to predict. Analysts say this is the most significant collapse since Black Monday, which happened in 1987. The breakdown occurs even though the US Federal Reserve allocates $ 1.5 trillion to stabilize the financial system in the United States and stimulate the economy through short-term loans. But, if you can sometimes find references to the fact that the Navagates is a scam on the Internet, the global economy is challenging to convict of fraud, so all indexes are honest.

For example, the S&P 500 index, which reflects the situation in the American economy and includes 500 of the most significant market players, fell by 9.51% or 260.74 points. At the same time Nasdaq, the index, which specializes in high-tech stocks, fell by 9.43%. Such jumps in indices could be observed through the Navagates Forex. The collapse of American markets was compounded by the decision to restrict European citizens from entering the country. The disruption of the OPEC + transaction also affected the situation, and as a result, on Tuesday, March 9, the price of Brent oil fell by 30%.

While you read the review on the Navagates broker, significant jumps in indices were also observed on European stock exchanges. The trading on Tuesday March 17, opened with a correctional growth of 3-4%, but then the process of decline started; the losses were 1-2% per index on average. Thus, the French CAC 40 index decreased by 1.37%, the British FTSE - by 2.04%, and the German - by 1.5%. The investor confidence index in the economy of many European countries, for example, in Germany, is falling significantly. However, in the situation where some lose, others find. At these index jumps, you can earn extra money if you use the service reviews, which confirm this statement.

Not the most encouraging situation is in the Asian financial markets, where stock quotes and oil prices are also falling. The trading on Tuesday, March 16, opened with a decrease: the stock futures of American companies fell 4.77%, while European ones fell 1.7-2.8%. Asia-Pacific stock indices are also falling. The fall was observed at 3.1%, and this is the lowest level in the last three years. Although China claims the crisis has ended, the situation in the financial markets does not confirm this.

While the Navagates broker helps you earn and increase your income, oil prices continue to fall. This fall occurs due to concerns about a significant decline in demand for raw materials in the world, and the average reduction in prices is in the range from 3% to 5% per barrel. There are several reasons for this downward trend. The first reason is the decline in industrial production in China. The second one is the trade war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The last but not the least is the US transition from the status of the largest oil consumer to the status of oil exporter. Gold prices fluctuate in the usual range of 1-1.5%. Understanding this trend is important for successful work with Navagates reviews, which indicate the ability to earn even in such difficult times.

World governments are trying to stabilize the situation by lowering tax rates, introducing incentives for large and small businesses, and developing large-scale programs to support the economy. The US Federal Reserve alone has allocated $ 1.5 billion to help financial markets. So thanks to the actions of the governments of European countries and the United States since March 19, oil prices began to rise again. It is not clear how long this growth will last, but amid the general recession, this news is encouraging.

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, Arab countries declare "oil war" in Russia, dropping the cost of a barrel of oil. These countries include not only Saudi Arabia, but also Iraq, the UAE, and Kuwait. Iraqi company SOMO plans to increase oil exports in April to 3.7 million barrels per day, while Kuwait made a discount for Asian buyers of $ 4.65 per barrel. Iraq plans to cut prices for Asia by $ 5 per barrel. At the same time, raw materials from Kuwait are supplied to Europe for $ 12.6 per barrel. Recently, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the White House, reported that the US government could intervene in the price war by imposing sanctions against Russia. According to Trump, low oil prices are detrimental to the oil industry as a whole but beneficial to US consumers. And users of Navagates broker know that it is profitable for them to earn using this platform.

Coronovirus infection gives rise to another virus - panic, which has a very negative effect on the global economy. At the same time, Forex Navagates users do not lose anything, but, on the contrary, gain.

Finally, financial news from China: data from the Middle Kingdom indicate the most substantial economic decline in the entire history of observations. In the field of industrial production, the drop reached 13.5%, while retail sales fell by 20.5%. As for the coronavirus infection, which led to such sad consequences, over the past three days in China, not a single new case has been recorded. And this is hardly a deception, if not a deception of Mega Trust.

Forecasts and Tips

Like the Navagates broker, reviews on which you can read on the Internet, analysts from around the world predict the future of the global economy based on the data that are now. There are three scenarios at the moment - optimistic, believable, and pessimistic.

According to the optimistic scenario, which is farther from reality every day, other countries will cope with the epidemic as fast as China. At the same time, strict quarantine measures will soon be lifted, production and purchasing power will be restored. In this case, global GDP growth will slow down to 2%. And you will stop feverishly monitoring the news and continue to earn with the help of Navagates broker.

The second scenario, which now looks the most realistic, implies that other countries will not be able to cope with the virus as fast as China. Travel companies and air carriers will miss the start of the season, but by the summer, the spread of the virus will begin to slow due to warm weather. The most significant burden under such a scenario will fall on small and medium-sized businesses and the economies of developing countries. Oil prices will be under pressure until the third quarter, and global economic growth will slow to 1.5%. Reviews on Navagates, as well as the ability to earn in this way, are likely to remain unchanged.

In both the first and second scenarios, it is assumed that the new virus will be seasonal and will cease to actively spread with the onset of heat in the northern hemisphere of the planet. If the pandemic does not slow down, then the development of events in the global economy will be difficult to predict even with the help of Navagates Forex tools. Most likely, a global recession will begin, which will last about a year. In this case, global GDP growth will slow down to 0.5%.

In addition, the European economy is already experiencing the consequences of a slowdown in China. Although many factories in the PRC are now operating at 90% of their capacity, companies that are mostly dependent on Chinese imports are only beginning to face the consequences. Delays in deliveries for a week or longer hit European production very painfully, and the extent of the drop in demand is still in question. Against this background, cases of financial fraud and fraud can become more frequent, information may even appear that Navagates is scammers, but reviews of real users indicate that this is not true.

How to protect a business

In the context of the global economic crisis, a good leader should be able to take care not only about the personal business but also about the fate of its employees. This is more complicated than reading reviews on, but also real.

Firstly, it is necessary to provide employees with detailed, truthful, and relevant information regarding the virus. A well-known enemy is not so terrible, and if you understand the distribution mechanisms, know the symptoms, and the procedure for infection, then it will be easier to cope. If the company is large, then local managers should first get precise instructions. This will not stop them from earning through the Navagates broker, but they will help to cope with the crisis autonomously, without requests to the top.

Secondly, create a rapid response team within the company. It should not only monitor the health status of employees, but also monitor in real-time the financial condition of the company, follow the availability of supplies, engage in marketing and crisis communication. The last two points are especially important in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The main thing is not to set goals longer than 48 hours in advance, in a rapidly changing situation, this does not make sense.

Thirdly, calculate the liquidity of the company. This is more complicated than reviews on the Navagates, but vital. Try to simulate financial indicators in each of the three scenarios, determine what actions and events can reduce liquidity.

Deliveries are another vital point. They need to be stabilized as much as possible with the help of Forex Navagates. Consumer demand for certain goods during the crisis grows several times, and it needs to be warned, then you will not have a shortage. In general, predicting customer behavior is crucial. For example, it is easy to guess that in conditions of quarantine and isolation, demand for the delivery of food and goods to your home will increase. Fortunately, reviews on the Navagates broker confirm that you can also successfully earn money in quarantine.

And last but not least, is the support. Any business is just as strong as all the communities within which it operates. Do not sit unnecessarily on a financial and resource bubble, share equipment, knowledge, money. For some time, you can even change the profile of the company, for example, switch to the production of medical masks or valves for ventilators.

While you read reviews on Navagates brokers and earn money through Forex, the global financial markets are seriously in a fever. Analysts from around the world are making predictions that change every day. Oil supply is now forecast to rise amid a sharp drop in demand, which will lead to price spikes and lower barrel prices. This can hit the economies of oil-producing countries, as well as lead to lower prices for oil products. So far, no one can say for sure how long the crisis will last, so each leader should take measures to protect his business.

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  1. Caius Bradley 08.04.2020
    Hey everyone! Share some info on Nava Gates pls
    1. Ahsan Pham 21.04.2020
      Is it reasonable to join the trading market right now? Nava Gates representative says its all good but im just not sure
      1. Diesel Mullins 11.05.2020
        Really loved my experience with Nava Gates. They are great, especially if you're a beginner. Really, it would be hard for you to find a good alternative.
        1. Karol Hastings 24.05.2020
          So, Navagates was my first experience in trading ever, everything went okay. Maybe some other broker would have worked better but I'm satisfied with the way it unfolded.
          1. Tarun Herring 01.06.2020
            Navagates got in contact with me earlier this month, they've got some really interesting prospects… it's just that I'm really not sure if forex can be useful for me at all tbh. Can you really make good money with it, or is it just a field for fraudsters?
            1. Kiya Brook 21.06.2020
              You know man, if some broker in your experience was bad it doesn't matter they all are… I've been working with Navagates for half a year now and I'm completely satisfied.
              1. Tyla Beck 04.07.2020
                Have been working with Navagates for a long time now… yeah, they are OK in most aspects, however, I do really get tired of this software of theirs. otherwise they're fine
                1. Krystian Mccoy 16.07.2020
                  Does anyone know if Navagates are new on the market or not? I was thinking about getting into cooperation with them, but don't want to risk working with newbies… also couldn't find any reliable info online, so share, pls…
                  1. Daniel 25.07.2020
                    For a broker that is not one of the big old sharks of this market, these guys do a surprisingly good job. Their customer care service definitely stands out among it's kind to say the least, and they uphold the standars in other aspects too.
                    1. Turner 02.08.2020
                      Best broker I've ever worked with, hands down. I would strongly advise you to cooperate with them. Banding with them for a beginner could look a bit intimidating because of all the new information, but believe me, their account managers will take good care of you.
                      1. Justin Kearns 05.08.2020
                        Navagates might not be the best broker out there, but… oh, come on, who am I kidding. They definitely ARE the best broker out there.
                        1. Steven J. 10.08.2020
                          Awesome broker company for anyone with partial understanding of how the financial market and trading operate. The withdrawal process is flawless and really fast with these guys. I definitely recommend them.
                          1. Alfred Edwards 14.08.2020
                            All the possibilities and benefits this broker can provide you are really interesting and I'm eager to try them myself. Yeah, I haven't had the chance to trade with them yet but I'm planning on it right now. They look really promising.
                            1. Nickolas 20.08.2020
                              State of my financial affairs has improved significantly after I’ve decided to partner up wit this broker. I didn’t have a lot of positive experience with brokers before that, so that came as a pleasant surprise. Good thing I didn’t spare time on broker search.
                              1. Albin 25.08.2020
                                It’s hard to overestimate how great this broker is for all the trading newbies. Their support crew is working wonders and you will feel yourself completely covered and protected throughout all the cooperation process. Besides, they have very fast withdrawal timings – I’ve never waited for more than 10 hours for my money.
                                1. Cuthbert 29.08.2020
                                  It is really hard to trust anyone on the market nowadays. However, this company here is quite worthy of trust, I’ve learned that with my own experience. I do love their approach to business, especially when it comes to client communications – it’s always a pleasure to talk with their customer care crew.
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