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How to write your success story with Access Capital Markets broker with twenty years of experience can become a reliable guide.

The free market can be tempting with the promise of super profits. But how to start making money, not to enter into deliberately losing deals, and to be able to calculate possible risks? The success of a trader depends on this knowledge, which comes from experience - personal or based on observa-tion and analysis.
Access Capital Markets Forex broker with two decades of experience pro-vides such professional analysis. It became the broker of the year at FX In-vest Cuffs. Using this company as an example, we can consider the basic conditions of cooperation between a trader and a broker in the conditions of today's market.
The last year has made some adjustments to the way Forex and trading ex-changes work. And the last few months have especially affected the crypto-currency market, towards which many "old" brokerage companies are now looking to add bitcoin to the list of their assets.
Another recent trend is that more and more traders want to trade with lever-age, investing small, by the usual standards, amounts. You can get good credit (from 1:30 and above) from a broker by depositing several thousand dollars. Such conditions were difficult to imagine a decade ago.
The British Access Capital Markets broker provides a leverage of up to 1: 100 when making a deposit of $ 250 or more. Let's consider in detail what opportunities open up in such cooperation.

Accessgroupcapital.com: Essentials

Known in Western Europe since 2001, the company has been advising potential investors on deposits since the very beginning of its existence. In the Forex market, this broker has been working with trad-ers for over a decade. The number of his clients exceeds nine thousand.

A year ago, Access Capital Markets Forex and other assets became available to traders in the CIS. The company now has a Russian-language version of the site, and the new tariff plans clearly take into ac-count the special requests of investors from developing countries (first of all, for a lower threshold for entering the market).

Tariffs: low deposits, full support

Of the six tariffs that the broker offers to clients, three are designed for in-vestors with small investments (from $ 250 to $ 9999). These tariffs reveal the maximum potential of the market and give the client the opportunity to learn the basics of trading without risking losing all savings or becoming a victim of speculation.
Important for beginners: under the terms of Access Capital Markets, a per-sonal manager accompanies each account, regardless the invested amount.
So having opened an account with a deposit of $ 250, a new trader gets a personal account manager at his disposal. This tariff plan will not provide an opportunity to reach millions of dollars in profits, but it will serve as an excel-lent training base for getting acquainted with the trading rules.
Later, having become familiar with the conditions of Forex, a beginner can open a deposit, which will allow full-fledged trading, relying on leverage. For example, you can upgrade to the Silver tariff plan by increasing your deposit to $ 2,000. This client portfolio already contains the opportunity to trade two types of assets (for example, connect cryptocurrencies or try your hand at the commodity market).
With an increase in the amount of the contribution to $ 5,000, the opportuni-ties grow: you can use more than two hundred market instruments, the cli-ent receives account insurance.

Choosing one of the luxury tariffs (from 10 thousand dollars in deposits) leads to the appearance of a personal analyst, and even access to top market signals for insured accounts (only for the Black tariff).

With Access Capital Markets Forex becomes more understandable and ac-cessible. The conditions for starting are very loyal - you can use both float-ing and fixed spreads. Trading is carried out in micro lots.
For those who, so far, have little difficulty in understanding market analysis and the functionality of trading tools, the site has a free video course with lectures and lessons.

Legal address of the company and contacts

Access Capital Markets is headquartered in London. The legal address is in the epicenter of the city's business district, among the skyscrapers where the most important financial transactions in the world are concluded.

Broadgate Tower is a place of pilgrimage for brokers, as it houses the offic-es of leading companies in the field of stock trading.
To get personal advice from Access Capital Markets Forex analysts it is bet-ter to contact company support using the feedback form on the website. In addition, e-mail is indicated in the contacts, and emails sent to this address receive a response within a few days.
Finally, it is possible to contact company by phone. Attention: the site con-tains the number of the British office, so a call can cost a considerable amount if there is no corresponding tariff package.

Customer registration and documentation

The broker's statutory documentation is publicly available, you just need to follow the indicated links.

The company's privacy policy provides for the encryption of all data, the use of the SSL protocol. Only the client knows the client's login and password for accessing the personal account and for trading - if the password is lost, the account will have to be restored after repeated verification.
To become a client of Access Capital Markets, you need to register on the website. Fill out a simple form, indicating the country of residence, age, email address and telephone number for communication:

In accordance with the AML anti-fraudulent law policy, the broker will require identity verification if you decide to open an account and start trading cur-rencies. This is a necessary measure that protects both the company and its customers from scam.


To try your hand at the exchange and take part in trading, you do not need to have a lot of initial capital. The ability to start with small amounts attracts new investors to Forex. It is better to trade currencies without unjustified risks with trusted companies. Today we examined the terms of such a trade using an example of Access Capital Markets broker, which can become your reliable partner in making money.

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