Reviews about StockGlobal, broker scam?

StockGlobal is a broker for start and development. StockGlobal, broker scam?


Forex is a world currency exchange, which greatly influences the world economy. Massive capital movements are mainly carried out due to this market. Commercial banks, large exporters and importers, central banks from various countries, as well as independent traders participate in the process and commit hundreds of thousands of operations daily.



Private traders can access trades through intermediaries, one of which is Stock Global broker, a broker that provides technical, legal and informational support to independent players at the financial market. Frankly speaking, it is technically impossible to enter the market with a limited starting capital. In addition, it is unrealistic to keep investments safe without brokerage support and Stock Global broker scam protection while competing with giants who don’t even notice the costs that exceed the amount of average investments for an independent trader.

This is where Stock Global broker appears as a broker.

The trader receives the following for the broker:

·         Registration and access to trading;

·         Information collected by StockGlobal broker, market reviews on world events;

·         Trading platform - a computer program for bidding, used by Stock Global broker, scam free.

·         Leverage from Stock Global at Forex, and referral program as well.




Most beginners start working Forex after reading several articles on the Internet. That’s not what it takes for a successful career in the financial world, this is not enough, even when working with Stock Global broker. Scam danger is real in the forex world. In order to be sure at what you do, you need to make an effort to learn the basic rules. Otherwise, even being under the patronage of the broker making all possible efforts, the offended trader will incur losses and leave with the thought that Stock Global broker scam .

1.      Start with a trial demo account. Learn to win bits (the distance covered by the price up or down), not money. This will help you learn to operate the trading system without loss and the false impression that StockGlobal broker scam. Try trading with minimum amounts (0.01 of standard lots), since you will start to trade with real money from this point. 

2.  Novice traders often suffer from their amateur activities. Some of them manage to achieve a positive result from the deals, but the profit is small and it seems that StockGlobal broker scam or something goes wrong. Very few traders understand that while investment is small there’s no way to gain massive profits. Newcomer begins the chaotic search for methods and techniques that will increase winnings and reduce losses, rejecting the authority of the broker. Such experiments tend to end unexpectedly and deplorably.

3.      As a rule, after switching from a demo account to a real one, a novice Forex conqueror is surprised to notice that real trading differs from training one just like fishing in the lake differs from fishing in your bath. Inner balance is necessary for work.

4.      It is necessary to find out in advance from the Stock Global broker everything that is unclear and to develop your own basic action plan. It should include the conditions for placement of order, actions after placement (with a successful, unsuccessful, uncertain and, most importantly, terrible scenario) and conditions for deal to close. This will help in maintaining emotional balance, which is already a large part of success.

5.      Do not disclose login information of your own account to third parties. The security system reliably protects the account of StockGlobal clients from hackers, so any attackers will not gain access to it unless you provide them with it on your own.

6 mistakes of a forex day trader that can be easily avoided

The StockGlobal forex market’s entry barrier is really low nowadays, and this fact makes it one of the most accessible day trading markets in the world. All you need to start day trading there is few hundred dollars. a computer with a stable internet connection and a scam-prevention measures, like the Stock Global broker scam protection system.

The simplicity of entry doesn’t promise a quick profit by itself, though. Before you start, it would be wise to consider these 6 mistakes you can easily avoid, but if you don’t they can as easily become the main reason of your downfall even when working with Stock Global forex.

Don’t keep trading if you’re on a losing streak

There are two things you need to keep in mind while trading: the risk-reward ratio and your win-rate.

Win-rate is self-explanatory: it’s how many trades you win, a percentage. Let’s say, you win 60 trades out of 100, that would make your win-rate 60%. Any trader should try to maintain his win-rate above 50 percent ratio.

Risk-reward is a ratio of how much you win in relation to how much you lose in an average trade. Let’s say, your average losing trades cost $50, and when you win it averages to $75, then your risk-reward ratio would be $75/$50=1.5. Ratio of 1 would signify that you’re winning just as much as you’re losing, which makes it kinda pointless.

Traders should strive to keep their risk-reward ratio above 1 (above 1.25 ideally), as sources like the StockGlobal broker reviews tell us. Of course, you can still be profitable if your win-rate is a bit lower and your risk-reward rate a bit higher (it also works the other way around). Don’t let it become overcomplicated, create strategies that win more than 50% of the time and generate a higher risk-reward ratio than 1.25.

Use a stop-loss

You absolutely need to have a stop-loss order for each StockGlobal forex trade that you conduct. It is an offsetting order that pushes you out of a trade if the price goes against you by an amount you initially state.

Possessing a stop-loss order during your trades means that you eliminate a large portion of the risk generated by that Stock Global forex investment. If your losses on a trade begin becoming too much, the stop-loss will prevent you from losing more money than you can.

StockGlobal Review, StockGlobal scam, StockGlobal forex broker

Do not add to a losing trade

Averaging down is adding to the price you used when purchasing into a trade (your position), believing that the trend might go reversal. According to the StockGlobal broker reviews, it is a really dangerous practice and should be avoided, because the price can keep going against you for much longer time than you estimate, and your losses will grow exponentially.

Instead of doing this, just enter a StockGlobal forex trade with a proper position size and set your stop-loss. As soon as the price hits the stop loss, the trade will be automatically close with a smaller loss than without it. There is just no reasonable cause to risk more.

Do not risk more than you can afford to lose

One of the main parts of a Stock Global forex risk management is deciding exactly what part of your capital are you ready to risk on each trade. Ideally, trader should risk less than 1% of his capital on any single trade. In this case, a stop-loss order must be set to close a trade when it results in no more than a 1% loss of trading capital.

In this case, even if you lose multiple trades in a row, you will lose only a small part of your capital. Simultaneously, if you gain more than 1% on each winning trade, you will recoup your losses, such cases are present in StockGlobal broker reviews.

Daily losses management is another aspect of dealing with risks when working with StockGlobal forex. Even if you risk only 1% per trade, a substantial share of your capital can potentially be lost in a single bad day. You should only play with the money that you have dedicated for it and stick to your Stock Global forex strategy.

Do not go all in (try to win back all you have lost)

Let’s assume, that you have your risk management strategy all set up, but there still will be times of temptation to ignore StockGlobal broker reviews and conduct a much larger trade than you usually do. It can happen for different reasons, and you'll be tempting fate to do her worst and might develop an opinion that Stock Global broker scam protection isn’t real.

Do not risk too much, it’s an obvious mistake, and mistakes usually do compound. Some traders even ignore their stop-loss orders hoping for a comeback. Many also get caught up keeping their margin, thinking that everything will turn around and hoping for a big win.

In case you ever feel that way, try to stick to your 1% risk per trade and 3% risk per day rule. Fight the temptation, stick to your risk management strategy and avoid all-ins or position adding.

Do not try to anticipate the news

A lot of pairs (two stocks—one long, one short, both correlated) rise or fall sharply in the wake of scheduled releases of economic news. Trying to anticipate the direction the pair will move and take a position before the news come out sometimes might look like an easy way to make money, but it is not. Stock Global broker scam protection system won’t help you in this case.

The price might move in both direction really quickly before it picks a sustained direction. So you are just as likely to enter a losing trade as soon as the news release as you are to enter a winning one.



All work at the auction is carried out remotely using the so-called trading platform - a computer program for exchange access.. StockGlobal broker has collected and analyzed all reviews of users in order to select the most favorable option from the existing ones. According to the analysis results, company chose MetaTrader 4 as a main trading terminal. So, answer for the question "is StockGlobal broker scam? " is “No, it's a lie”.





Customizable interface and language selection function that includes all the major languages of the world.


One of the most reliable security systems, using 128-bit encryption protecting StockGlobal clients from scammers.

Simplicity and speed

Combines operational speed with a convenient and functional system of transactions, allows quick one-click trading.


Impressive analytical apparatus, including the ability to keep up to 10 charts open simultaneously; program is equipped with 30 indicators and 24 graphic objects for technical analysis.

Analytical Trading

Equipped with an environment for self-development, testing and optimization of automated trading programs. Allows you to connect such finished modules.


In addition, since StockGlobal broker cares about its customers, the program can be obtained absolutely free of charge.

You don’t need much to start trading at the currency exchange, just find a reliable broker.

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  1. Shamsur Rahman 10.07.2019
    Before I started working with StockGlobal I have been already involved in a market. Unfortunately at that time I was not that successful since the previous companies, which I have been working with, did not provide me with proper service. So once my friend recommended me to try out trading with StockGlobal, I was a little bit skeptical, but i still decided to give a try. Right now I'm enjoying my trading experience with StockGlobal. I really appreciate the manner of trading as well since i'm working with my broker on low risk management, but at the same time he is making a great percentage for me. Furthermore, everything is done in a very professional manner with true client care and efficient customer service. It’s a proper broker and the support team is always helpful. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.Aloha to everyone. This post is about my success story on the financial market. I am not a lucky one to catch the hype of crypto, but I was blessed by the God to meet my broker at Stockglobal who educated me to make money on any asset when the price goes up or down. It is a miracle for me to see the profit made by myself. After a few weeks I feel myself confident in reading charts and making correct forecasts no matter what i am trading with: can be fall down of stocks or pump on crypto. I am generating money as if I have a Midas touch even when the gold price goes down and up. I am happy to work with my broker and have already invited 3 of my friends to do the same.I have started with Stockglobal early this year and happy with most of the services so far. Happy with the good old MT4 with many symbols available to trade and relatively speedy withdrawals
    1. Elizabeth .Y 06.08.2019
      Many thanks to the team of professionals, who are working in Stock Global. It was my first experience of investing in cryptocurrency. Very difficult and very doubtful… But I have found myself treated with very individual approach by personal broker. It was a chance for me to get educated on my own actions and to make real money at one time. Being a total newbie, I have made fantastic profitable trade as a professional trader, just by following advises of Stock Global brokers. They have never left me without attention, even when I was making silly mistakes they have patiently explained me how to fix everything and escape from those «traps». My problem is that I am not catching fast, but I feel comfortable asking them the same question many times and having a simple answers. It was a shock for me to uncover how banks were robbing me these years, while holding my savings with 2% interest rate annually, but now I have a possibility to take care about my savings myself with 20% of profit monthly.
      1. Evelina. K 17.12.2019
        Received my first withdrawal from StockGlobal with some fat zeros Well, guys, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention and good broker reviews
        1. Yanzel. R 17.01.2020
          Okay, sooooo, I’ve got in contact with StockGlobal representative earlier this month and decided to give trading a try (for the first time in my life lol) after checking some broker reviews. I’m kind of a pessimist myself but these guys were a surprise — I’ve got some good profits.
          1. Chris Yong 18.01.2020
            I’m not a pro trader yet, but a friend of mine who’s good at that stuff read some broker reviews and told me StockGlobal seems legit. Gonna try them I guess.
            1. Great West 20.01.2020
              I want to try StockGlobal, but is there, like, a way to know FOR SURE if I get my profits? Their support is saying something about risk management policy but I want to be sure
              1. Bob Spalding 20.01.2020
                Havent tried StockGlobal yet, but I really love how their customer care works — it’s like these guys try to help you even bit too much lol. Appreciate it, really.
                1. Imran Rai 21.01.2020
                  Well, I’m not expecting billions from StockGlobal (not with my initial investment anyway :))), but they seem quite proficient
                  1. sujit76 22.01.2020
                    Worked with StockGlobal, they’re ok for my needs.
                    1. Geoffrey 24.02.2020
                      Trading is strange, I could never really grasp how does it work. This dude from Stockglobal tried to explain their benefits and advantages to me, but I dont think you’ll see my name in the Forbes list anytime soon. I’ve got my first $50 last month and that’s all for now
                      1. Jake 05.03.2020
                        I’ve been to some trading platforms in my time and can not say Stockglobal has any striking differences from your mediocre platform. Nice terms, okay support, some mid-field broker reviews. You can try them if you want, at least you can be sure that they work and earn.
                        1. Dominic R. 17.03.2020
                          Are all those speeches about superprofits even real? I mean come on we’re too old to believe in fairy tales and stuff like that, no one can make a fortune out of a dollar in a week, no matter what those guys say. I trade with Stockglobal for half a year and still got no more than 20% of my initial amount, even with money management and all.
                          1. Quincy 19.03.2020
                            Stockglobal might have its downsides (slow withdrawals, for one), but they are not even close to outweighting their positive aspects. Really enjoyed my time with them.
                            1. Richards 22.03.2020
                              My time with Stockglobal was fine, but I’d like their customer care to be more responsive to say the truth. Yeah are proficient and attentive, but the timing is just awful sometimes.
                              1. Mark Baker 03.04.2020
                                Happy with this service. Recommended.
                                1. Katherine T. Pinard 10.04.2020
                                  So cool! Got my $3000 today! Not so much but I feel like I am Jeff Bezos! Is there a skinny brunette to marry?
                                  1. Joan Kiel 17.04.2020
                                    People write different things about STOCKGLOBAL, however, from inside it looks not so scary. The negative reviews can be written by the disappointed traders or even competitors. I cannot say STOCKGLOBAL is a best broker ever, but please do not demonize it, slow support is a common problem for a growing company.
                                    1. Sara Barber 24.04.2020
                                      On forex market nobody promises the success to you. There is no magic MONEY button. Even if you work with a decent broker like STOCKGLOBAL, everything depends on you.
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