Sharefounders reviews broker . Sharefounders scam or not?

Forex fraud: how to avoid scammers and false broker

Currently, financial markets are booming cryptocurrencies; however, many traders stick to good old forex. Share founders broker, a reputable brokerage company, believes the forex market will survive the cryptocurrency market. For example, they can merge into a single currency market. But no matter what happens, the forex market works according to established rules and laws. These laws include the official statutes and regulations, and the internal rules for brokers; you can learn more about them reading the Sharefounders broker reviews.

Legal regulation of the Share founders forex market is a complex issue. Due to the different approaches to finance and taxation in different countries, the rules of work that are legal in one country can be a severe violation in other countries. Using these contradictions, the so-called forex kitchens enter the market. The task of the kitchen company is to collect money from traders and escape. It is tough to distinguish the fraud company and regular broker; therefore, they are often confused. As a result, traders claim Sharefounders broker scam.

You can distinguish a fraud and honest broker by several signs. Take in attention that fraud companies claim they work like everyone else, and act within the legal framework. The daily financial turnover of the forex market exceeds $ 4 billion. Such huge money attracts scammers, who create non-trading risks for the trader. A trader needs to understand how the market works to choose a reputable Sharefounders broker. What you need to know to identify a dishonest broker before you lose money, find in this article.


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How is global foreign exchange regulated

Over the last few years the foreign exchange market has undergone an exponential increase in brokers available to traders. Main reason for that was a new regulatory regime that removed some restrictions concerning the ways for investors to manage their money. Because the legal framework has changed, now firms all across the world like the Sharefounders forex can advertise and offer CFD trading to their clients.


Regulation is an integral part of the business because it assures a fair trading environment and works to limit the risk exposure of clients to illegally run brokers. You can often find info about them in the Sharefounders broker reviews. Clients work with Forex brokers that are regulated by the regulatory bodies. We have chosen the best Forex brokers available to Malaysian traders who are governed by the most prominent regulatory agencies around the world.  We do not feature, mention, or advertise non-regulated brokers on this website.

Of course, Share founders broker trading is executed outside of a physical exchange on the OTC (over the counter) market, and that is why the retail trader is relying on the creditworthiness of a forex Broker, therefore it is necessary to make sure that your retail broker is regulated adequately.


The Main Global Regulators

To become regulated, a broker must adhere to strict rules and processes set out by the regulatory agency that guarantees the broker protects clients funds in segregated accounts, has procedures for handling complaints, and always acts in the customer’s best interest.


The United Kingdom and Europe

Inside of the EU zone (and the UK), the Financial Conduct Authority (FSA) and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus act as the main bodies of regulation. CySEC is known as a reliable agency and the preferred jurisdiction for many European Share founders Forex brokers. Caution should be given to brokers who only have one regulator, especially if that regulator is CySEC as there have been incidents in recent years that have made traders wary of how CySEC will go to protect their member brokers.

The scope of the FSA and CySEC activities are:

Due diligence, only qualified Sharefounders Forex brokers get a license to operate on the European market.

Impose minimum capital requirements on brokers.

Consumer Sharefounders broker scam protection – updating and adjusting regulations to protect the consumer.

Protection against fraud.

Capital protection – which in the EU zone is set to $100,000.


Australia has a regulatory body called ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).  ASIC is a dependable body and very traditional in the way they regulate with a strong reputation for representing the consumer rather than the business interests of its members.  That said, a failure of ASIC is to lead the industry in setting regulations that protect customers from emerging threats, and it often lags behind the regulators in Europe, which is too described in the Sharefounders broker reviews.


Malaysia is emerging as a new possible offshore destination for many Share founders Forex retail brokers expanding in Asia. The Security Commission of Malaysia is in charge of overseeing the Forex brokers in Malaysia, with the mandate to assure a fair market environment and protect retail Forex traders like the Share founders broker from misinformation and other illegal activities.

United States

The main regulatory bodies in the USA are the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and the NFA (National Futures Association). The CFTC establishes the regulatory guidelines to protect the interest of the retail FX investors.  Retail FX trading in the United States has not been legalised to the same extent as in Europe, so US residents will have fewer brokers like the Share founders broker.


The main benefit of having regulatory bodies is to ensure that markets are fair, and client money is safe. Regulation varies between countries as Western financial hubs have had regulation for many years, and newer financial centres have gotten started more recently. 

If you sign up with a Sharefounders Forex broker that is not regulated, traders also face a counterparty risk in addition to the investment risk.  We do not feature any brokers that are not regulated by the organisations mentioned above as we don’t believe they are required to act in the best interest of the trader, they also lack Sharefounders broker scam protection.  Read more about our processes for selecting brokers in the Sharefounders broker reviews.



By registering as a trader with the Sharefounders broker, each user signs an agreement. The agreement is an internal document that describes the terms and conditions of cooperation between the client and the broker Sharefounders. Reviews show in the case of a conflict between a trader and brokerage company, the agreement is the starting point for the lawsuit.  At this stage, you can suspect that you face the fraudsters. Sharefounders recommends to read the user agreement carefully and pay attention to several important points.


Most brokerage companies like the Share founders broker are registered in countries where the legislation is tolerant of high-risk financial transactions, for example, in Cyprus. But anyway, these must be the countries of the first world. If a company claims its activities are governed by the laws of an exotic country, such as the Republic of Tuvalu, it is probably a scam. Share founders forex warns: in the case of a conflict with such a broker, protecting your interests will be problematic.


In the user agreement of reliable brokers, Sharefounders and others, there is a clause on the organization that regulates the activities of the company. It means the broker has acquired a license and pays membership fees to this organization. The regulating organization creates the compensation fund. This fund is used to pay the compensation in case of broker bankruptcy. Besides, the regulatory organization may suspend the broker’s license for violation of the client’s rights, which is not likely to happen to the Share founders forex.

Unscrupulous brokers indicate the name of the non-existing organization in the user agreement. Another option - the organization may exist, but only nominally. It is registered in some exotic country and has never suspended the license of an unscrupulous broker. If a strange structure with unclear jurisdiction is indicated as the regulatory organization, you face the fraud. Sharefounders recommends studying not only the user agreement but also the history of the regulator: this is the shortest way to evaluate the reliability of a broker.


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Read the Sharefounders forex user agreement carefully and find what exactly the company offers to you. The warning is the company provides its service “as it is”without warranties or conditions. In practice, the company declares that it does not owe you anything, and it even should not provide the quality service to you. Perhaps this is simply a mistake of the lawyer who developed the agreement, but more likely, you see a scam. Sharefounders advises checking other nuances of the user agreement to make sure the company is reliable enough.


Automated trading systems are special programs that open and close transactions according to a pre-planned algorithm, which helps the Sharefounders broker scam protection system. There is nothing wrong with auto trading: to some extent, it is even beneficial to the broker company. The forex market is unpredictable, and in the case of high volatility, the trading robot makes many transactions with the fees paid to the Sharefounders broker. Reviews show that only binary brokers can resist auto trading. If a forex broker bans auto trading, this indicates the absence of effective regulation and liquidity providers.


The leverage is financial assistance to a private trader who enters the market via a broker. The leverage allows increasing the size of the trading lot at the expense of the broker. The size of the shoulder can be different, from 1: 2 to 1: 1000. Leveraged trading has existed on the market for many years; it is a proven scheme. But the trader should remember the trading with leverage results in the risk of losing money and then claiming Sharefounders scammers. In some countries, the leverage is limited; for example, in the Russian Federation, it is 1:50. But at the same time, trading with leverage is not a fraudulent scheme, but only high risk.


There is nothing unusual in the fact that a brokerage company reserves the right to block a client’s account. Very often, people try to launder illegal money through the accounts of brokerage companies or transfer funds between accounts. An alarming sign is an agreement does not indicate the company is obliged to fulfill financial obligations to its customers. One of the risks for a trader is a sudden blocking of an account without any notice. In this case, it will be almost impossible for a trader to prove his rights.

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  1. Raleigh Lawrence 19.03.2020
    I want to try Sharefounders, but is there, like, a way to know FOR SURE if I get my profits? Their support is saying something about risk management policy but I want to be sure
    1. Salomon S. 26.03.2020
      Sharefounders guys are great overall but I especially want to thank them for their support service assistance — everytime I needed something, they help a lot
      1. Fane A. 31.03.2020
        Do you know that feeling when you wake up to a beautiful day, open your window, smell the air and suddenly that feel… wait… wait, what is it, is it maybe the feeeling OF AWESOME PROFITS YOU JUST MADE? No, not on this market. Lost $200 in last ten days out of my deposit because of all that trash happening to the market
        1. Paterson 03.04.2020
          Sharefounders support service dudes oughta take a photo together and put it on Wikipedia in the “Support service” article. This is what support should look like. No, really, thank you guys, communicating with you was a pleasure, especially after encountering yet another broker trash before you.
          1. Higgins G. 07.04.2020
            Hey guys you really need more training for newcomers like some webinars or something, not only phone. Or a video course at least
            1. Vaughan D. 13.04.2020
              Well, that was a pleasurable first trading experience for sure. Sharefounders just helped me to make some sweet deals and I’m sitting here watching the graphs; will continue our cooperation, that’s for certain.
              1. Bartolomeo Allesi 17.04.2020
                Here's some about Sharefounders (because I know how tedious it can be to look for a good broker in this era of oversaturation with data): they are trustworthy, they are stable, I like them. Hope that helps.
                1. Norris Knight 21.04.2020
                  Yeah, I'm not all that concerned about brokers going out of business. It's no secret the trading world is tough. Brokers like Sharefounders are still out there though, maybe there's something to them.
                  1. Samson Andrus 30.04.2020
                    Only thing that kinda bums me out about Sharefounders is their inability to provide a decent customer care service. Well, maybe inability is a bit too strong a word for it, but still, they really have to level up.
                    1. Darren Gray 02.05.2020
                      Can't hold myself from laughing when I read all that stuff about guys keeping their money in jars and under pillows. I mean, have you ever heard that money should work? Get real, guys, if you don't know how to do it yourself, just find a solid broker and make them multiply. I'm not talking about Sharefounders here, they're just a personal preference.
                      1. Mangy.G 08.05.2020
                        Even my dad aged 60 tried this because of the amount of free time he had staying at home due to corona. Nice services. And Sharefounders looks like company which definitely knows how to earn money
                        1. Undolin D. 14.05.2020
                          I would really advise these guys. They know how to help you to earn some extra money.
                          1. Kaison Itzer 19.05.2020
                            I like their customer service, I really do because when you're 8 hours a day in front of laptop there's no much time left for a chat with someone.
                            1. Ryder Gonzales 23.05.2020
                              Sharefounders is really good if you know what you're doing. Really, it all depends on your trading abilities and guts and not on the broker you choose. If you know your trading, they do just fine.
                              1. Ipat Floyd 28.05.2020
                                Was cooperating with Sharefounders for three weeks now… feeling quite swell if you know what I mean...checks im gettin arent queen-size but you wouldn't hear me complaining you know
                                1. Arnold Neale 31.05.2020
                                  Didn't think working with a broker can be this simple and easy. Thank you Sharefounders, now I know i did the right thing when I chose you ^_^
                                  1. Darnell Kimstead 02.06.2020
                                    I just love trading. Wish I didn't waste all those years on my day job before starting this hustle. Was with Sharefounders since day 1 and going to stick with them for some more I guess.
                                    1. Ollie 06.06.2020
                                      Share Founders got into my field of view last week, got an account four days ago on Friday. After UniteFx and its spreads everything seems better. And yes, terms from website are real and spreads are good
                                      1. G. 13.06.2020
                                        I tried to trade through the application not website. Turns to be pretty comfortable. Quotes are updated normally, deals open and close as quickly as when working with the desktop version. I did not notice any dropbacks
                                        1. Ryder Sloan 17.06.2020
                                          All right, here goes the beginning of my trading career! Ta-daaaa! However, I would need much more than just plain enthusiasm if I wanna succeed, soooo. did anyone here work with Sharefounders, perhaps? I’m seriously considering them as a broker option, soo I need to research them a bit
                                          1. Alister Ewing 20.06.2020
                                            Sharefounders are a bunch of freaking magicians! I have no other explanation of the fact that they constantly manage to turn my time into money
                                            1. Shanay Nicholson 23.06.2020
                                              Sharefounders customer care service is second to none, those people are brilliant, I just love to see them work. Yeah, there can be minor technical drawbacks, but they are nothing serious, I’m really satisfied with their support service.
                                              1. Jim Gardiner 28.06.2020
                                                It so happens that Sharefounders would be my first trading experience, so I’m both really excited and somewhat scared of times to come, though I have a feeling that it will be allright.
                                                1. Christos Vega 02.07.2020
                                                  If youre just getting into trading, Sharefounders can be your ticket-to-ride. Just remember not to expect miracles from them and you should be just fine.
                                                  1. Gilmore D 10.07.2020
                                                    Heard a lot of great things about that Sharefounders trading platform from my friends. I think I will try it for myself soon, that entry deposit being so low.
                                                    1. kleine5674t 16.07.2020
                                                      Wanted to tell a big “Thank you” to the Sharefounders customer support service. You’ve been most helpful, guys, and I’m glad that I chose your platform.
                                                      1. Fill Moure 21.07.2020
                                                        Sharefounders might have its downsides (slow withdrawals, for one), but they are not even close to outweighting their positive aspects. Really enjoyed my time with them.
                                                        1. Daniel 29.07.2020
                                                          The way this broker operates never ceases to amaze me. I just love looking at professionals doing their job. I also can respect the way their customer care agents communicate — you don't often see such politeness when it comes to trading.
                                                          1. Sanders 02.08.2020
                                                            This broker is arguably one of the best in their sphere. I can vouch for them anytime, I've experienced their quality myself. You should go on and try them yourself if you doubt me.
                                                            1. Elwin C. 07.08.2020
                                                              What's with all the talk about brokers recently? I don't think their activity has changed a bit in the recent years. This company here is ok as far as I can see, but that's no reason to chat about it so extensively
                                                              1. Gordon Tate 11.08.2020
                                                                I had no opportunity to work with this broker yet, but I'm looking forward to it, they look really promising. Maybe I can finally break my red trading spell with them.
                                                                1. Jacob Harmon 14.08.2020
                                                                  These folks offer some really interesting terms. I'm not yet convinced trading is the right activity for me, but if I try it, I might try this company just as well.
                                                                  1. Leo 19.08.2020
                                                                    Just began my cooperation with this company, but I can already feel some good aura surrounding them. It's not like I'm a superstitious person, but you can not ignore this vibe, you know. I think I'm gonna stick with them for a long time.
                                                                    1. Sancho 24.08.2020
                                                                      This broker company really helped me a lot when I was just a green beginner, couple of years ago… they introduced to me the world of trading and I'm grateful for that to this day. Not currently working with them only because my activities have shifted from trading, otherwise I would be among their clients for sure.
                                                                      1. Matthew H. 29.08.2020
                                                                        Working with this company felt really easy and great. I would especially like to mention their customer care service specialists; those guys are awesome, I really like their politeness and how they always eager to help you.
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